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Catering to the small business professional in need of a fashionable and functional web presence.

Template Modification

Making the good... great is a cost effective way of producing a beautiful, functional and customized web identity. We take the bones of a good template and enhance them to your specifications to deliver quality results. We also have mobile and tablet friendly templates to keep your site viewable from all devices. Some examples:

Site Renovation

Overhaul your existing website to improve design quality, decrease load times and optimize pages for easier browser indexing. Your site that was fabulous a few years ago may be dated and not render well in today's browsers. We limit the use of tables, try to eliminate frames and rely on style sheets for most page styling.


We can get you blogging in no time. Namefrenzy will customize your wp theme or develop to your requirements and keep them mobile and seo friendly.


Just need a few monthly updates, someone to answer questions, provide occasional feed back or help with fixes to your site builder site or banner. Name frenzy is the answer. Our focus is on the small entrepreneur, family business or company. we can help you get a start and be there as you grow.

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